Rutilated Runners is an experiential and experimental fashion label brainchild of Demetrius Idlett - a visionary artist and designer.

Demetrius is the son of iconic super-producer Timbaland and music industry executive Monique Idlett-Mosley, Demetrius has been influenced by the impact of his family's innovative and groundbreaking business ventures.


The foundation of Demetrius' career is built upon his passion for music. The art of disc jockeying writing, producing, and recording stems from his love for all aspects of the art form and entertainment business. His art is a journey between drawing and reality. An imaginary virtual world that tells us so much about the reality we live every day.

Bound for international stardom, this mogul in the making relies on his diversified portfolio of education, skill, charisma, and musical aptitude to attain his goals and serve as an inspiration to his peers. For Demetrius, the imagination thus becomes a means of processing experience, the possibility of imagining what has never been seen. The final products of the imagination, once created, begin to exist as real objects.